Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need an OMMP card?

No, anyone who is 21 years or older with a valid ID can make purchases.

Do you sell medical marijuana?

Yes. OMMP patients will not be taxed.

How much can a person purchase?

The personal possession limits are:

  • One ounce of usable marijuana in a public place;
  • Eight ounces of usable marijuana;
  •  16 ounces of a cannabinoid product in solid form;
  • 72 ounces of a cannabinoid product in liquid form;
  • Five grams of cannabinoid extracts or concentrates, whether sold alone or contained in an inhalant delivery system;
  • Four immature marijuana plants; and
  • Ten marijuana seeds.


    Do you offer discounts?

    Yes. The daily discounts are located on the ‘About Us’ page, and we also offer discounts for seniors and veterans.

    Are you wheelchair accessible?


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